Railway transport

Railway transport

CF&S offers full freight forwarding services upon arrangement of railway transport.


The freight forwarding by rail offered by CF&S includes the following activities:

  • railway transport on the territories of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, China and CIS countries
  • commercial lease of special-purpose railcars and railway containers
  • commercial lease of railway platforms for oversized shipments
  • loading operations in railway terminals and ports
  • terminal handling of cargoes
  • preparation of cargo documents
  • preparation and arrangement of the transportation of project and oversize shipments on special 80´and 60´ rail plarforms


CF&S is mainly involved in arrangement of transportation of the following products:

  • oversize and project shipments (equipments and machinery)
  • containers (20ft and 40ft shippers own and railway containers)
  • timber products (sawlogs and pulpwood, saw timber, plywood, hard- and chipboard)
  • liquid fuels (gasoline, petroleum, oil products etc.)
  • alcohol
  • new and second-hand vehicles
  • building materials
  • pulp and paper products
  • foodstuff



 CF&S railway projects (PDF) 

Own rolling stock

Own rolling stock

80´railway platforms of model 23-469-07

60´railway platforms of model 13-935A-04

  • platforms of 24- and 18,4 meters long are equipped with wooden floor and are intended to carry wheeled/crawler machinery, heavy-weight containers, long-length and oversized cargo by rail

closed wagons/boxcars model 11-7038

  • the boxcars are intended for transportation of goods within 1520 mm gauge railways network, including Mongolia and Finland
  • the boxcar capaciousness takes up to 25% more volume then the standard wagon (158 m3)
  • it is also possible to transport motor cars and minibuses with the height not expanding 2,7 m
  • the boxcar is more practical for transportation of light and volume goods
  • all wagons can be rented on daily/monthly basis or given into short-term usage on a single route (technical trip)
  Own Rolling-Stock Presentation (PDF)

Road transport

Road transport

CF&S arranges road transport between Scandinavia, Continental Europe, Great Britain, Ireland, the Baltic States and Central Asia. Full loads freight is arranged with the trucks of the sister companies and long-term cooperation partners of CF&S. Consolidation of part loads is performed in cooperation with reliable partners in the countries of consignment.

CF&S has in its own 40 trucks operating in Europe, which let to arrange collection from European shippers within 24 hours from the moment of received order.


Part load shipments are consolidated in CF&S warehouse in Riga, Latvia or in Tallinn, Estonia and can be stored for free within 7 days. Our specialists are filling transport documents and can arrange export and transit customs clearance, if necessary and requested by client.

CF&S arranges 1-2 LTL trucks weekly in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan destination.


Additionally we offer regular FTL and LTL services from China to Uzbekistan.

Container transport

Container transport

CF&S arranges container transport all over the world.


FCL (Full Container Load) transportation is arranged in co-operation with major shipping companies, in order to offer fast and favourable transport services to our customers.


LCL (less than full container load) transportation is arranged in co-operation with our partners at different ports in Europe, Far East, USA, Australia, and Africa.


The services offered by us include:

  • port-to-port or door-to-door transportation
  • cargo handling in ports, railway terminals and bonded warehouses
  • preparation of customs declarations and certificates of origin
  • customs brokerage
  • railway and road transport
  • cargo insurance

Heavy and Special Transport

Heavy and Special Transport

CF&S provides special services for the transportation of heavyweight and oversized items in Central Asia, in the Baltic States, and CIS Countries. Based on the needs of the customer, we will organ-ize transport by sea, road and/or rail.


The organization of each special transport is a unique project, which is planned based on the needs of the customer and is completed as a careful tailoring job.


The services include the planning of loading, checking of the road conditions and/or railway route, procuring the necessary permits, the temporary removal of traffic obstacles, as well as shifting goods by sliding and jacking or use of other specialized hoisting equipment.

Air transport

Air transport

As cargo sales agent CF&S arranges air transport in cooperation with most major airlines in the world from Europe, USA, UAE, China, South Korea, Japan and other countries.


CF&S team, having years of experience in the air transport management, will find suitable solution for you.


CF&S contributes to renewable energy solutions


We are pleased to announce about our participation in supporting renewable energy solutions in the Baltic States ...